Begin Here…

This blog’s story begins on January 23rd at exactly 4:02 p.m.,approximately ten minutes after I finished telling off one particular jerk in my head. (It is important to note that I said “in my head” as I would never have the nerve to say these things to his face.) By now you are probably about to click off my this weird girls blog and watch a YouTube video about a dog chasing it’s own tail  (or at least that’s what I’d do) but if I can just interest you to stay a little longer and hear me out. See this blog is going to serve as a sort of inspiration for all the awkward girls in the world,  I want you to  turn to this blog whenever you accidently fall down a flight of stairs,  get your hair extensions caught on a tree limb ( no? ok, maybe that one’s just me)  or when you say the dreaded “love you” after a goodbye to a teacher or boss. This blog will be a place of escape and comfort. Whether that escape is reading about my latest “DIY Project” (8\10 times they are fails)  or  looking through a look-book of my recent consignment shop finds. I hope you find humor, happiness, and a little relief that you are not alone in this world from my blog.

Much Love,

Makayla ❤



2 thoughts on “Begin Here…

  1. I really enjoyed your first post. It’s already apparent that your blog has a ton of potential for a lot of interesting and humorous stories. The light, playful tone of the writing is refreshing and the author’s ability to find humor in everyday mishaps is awesome. Looking forward to reading more!


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